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  • 1966 - Founded, with headquarters at Resita
  • 1991 - Separation by Resita and entered in the commercial register
  • 1999 - Privatization
HIDROTIM S.A. Timisoara is a joint-stock company that has worked for over 40 years in the field of designing hydromechanical equipment and industrial steel structures.

During all these years our company, which had several names (IPEE, ICPEH, CCSITEH), but the same staff of specialists, has been recognised as a serious partner in the design and research of hydromechanical equipment and industrial steel structures as basic field of activity.

Our specialists in steel structures, mechanical and hydraulic installations and electric operating and automation installation, have drawn up projects for equipment in over 200 hydroelectric and hydrotechnical projects.
In the field of steel structures we draw up shop design, static and strength calculations for the steel structures of hydromechanical equipment, gates, navigation lock gates, for industrial halls, bascule road bridges and other steel structures with various destinations.
In the mechanical field we draw up shop designs and calculations for mechanical and manual hydraulic operating installations for hydromechanical equipment, as well as mechanical units, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical installations for various uses.
In the electric field we draw up shop designs for operating and automation installations both for mechanical part designed by us and for complex equipment and installations delivered by various suppliers.
The microproduction activity is directed towards the execution of models for research, prototypes and small series products in the profile of the institute. The products fabricated in our institute are found in many hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear, hydrotechnical projects, water supplies and flow meters.
OUR REFERENCE LIST contains the name of some well-known projects, in which the equipment designed by us work - such as: The Hydroelectric and Navigation System "The Iron Gates I and II" on the Danube, the navigation locks on the Danube - the Black Sea Channel, the hydroelectric power plant and navigation locks New Esna on the Nile.

Equipment and steel structures designed by us were exported in Turkey, Iran, China, the USSR, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Columbia, Egypt.

In Romania, our institute has been participated to design majority of hydromechanical equipment from country. Our projects are found in all hydrotechnical projects on River Olt from UHE Voila to Danube. We participated to design the hydrotechnical projects from Stejesti, Arcesti, Slatina, Ipotesti, Draganesti, Frunzaru, Rusanesti, Izbiceni. For these hydrotechnical projects, we have designed all radial gates, trashracks, trashrack machine, stoplogs, emergency plane gates, turbine's cover and hydraulical and mechanical operating for these equipment.

HIDROTIM S.A. by its specialists and accumulated experience is at your disposal and guarantees quality and readiness

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