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Works on The Danube:
  • The Hydroelectric Power and Navigation System IRON GATES I, located on Danube at approx. 15 km upstream from Turnu Severin, utilizes the hydroelectrical power potential of the Danube on Romanian-Yugoslavian sector. Our institute has provided the shop designs for all hydromechanical equipments, which equip this unit (the power plant, sluice and dam) totalizing 45.000 tones of equipments, materialized by Romanian industry, from which 12.000 tones for Yugoslavian part. The quality of design and execution is certified by working without defects since 1971.

  • The Hydropower and Navigation System IRON GATES II, located on Danube at approx. 80 km from HPP IRON GATES I; uses the hydroelectric power potential of Danube on Romanian-Yugoslavian sector since 1984. Also, IRON GATES II stabilizes the level of the Danube from the IRON GATES I downstream and facilitates the working of IRON GATES I.

Iron Gates I barrage

Iron Gates I

Iron Gates II flood gate
Navigable channels:
  • Hydrotechnical and Transportation Complex Danube -Black Sea Channel, situated in the central area of Dobrogea, in length of 64km channel and connects the Danube from Cernavoda with Black Sea in South Agigea port. Our institute has designed about 920 projects execution for 12.500 tone hydromechanical equipments. The channel's Sluices are working uninterrupted since May 1984.

  • The Danube - Bucharest Channel: Hidrotim has provided the conception for the hydromechanical equipments, which equip the sluices, dams and powerplant.

  • Hydroelectric Powerplant Complex Arges downstream includes about 5.000 tone of hydromechanical equipment.

  • Hydroelectric Powerplant Complex Olt with 13 powerplants on middle sector, 5 powerplants on inferior sector and 7 powerplants on superior sector, represent the amplest Hydroelectric Power plants on the internal river. Hidrotim designed the hydromechanical equipments projects for these.

  • Hydroelectric Powerplant Complex Lotru: Our institute designed projects for 1.500 tones of hydromechanical equipments.

  • Hydroelectric Powerplants Mariselu, Tarnita and Hydroelectic Powerplant Complex Somesul Cald downstream.

  • Another Hydroelectric Powerplants Complexes on the internal rivers, such as: Dragan-Iad, Crisul Repede, Retezat, Raul Mare, Siret, Galbeni, Racaciuni, Beresti, Bucecea, Stanca Costesti, Siriu, Sacele, Pascani, Poieni, Rogojesti etc.

  • Our institute designed hydrotechnical circuits for power station Rovinari, Turceni, Deva, Anina, Braila and Nuclear Power Station Cernavoda.

  • Our specialists have a distinct contribution to performed designs the special equipments for Bucharest Subway and steel constructions for industrial halls.

Flood gate - Cernavoda

Flood gate - Agigea

Waterfall - Olt river
  • Hydromechanical equipments and steel structures designed by us were exported in Russia (Donetk, Pescov, Ufaleiski etc.) Bulgarian (Ruse, Radomir), Germany (Freital), Cuba (Las Camariacos), Turkey (Kapulukaya, Kilickaya, Ghezende), Iran (Vafreghan), Columbia (Rio Grande, Calderas), Egypt (New-Esna) etc.

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